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#GivingTuesday: Family Care Feature, Quanicia | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Quanicia, a former resident at our Family Care Home in Gardendale, shares what her life was like before she became a resident and what her life is like now, after completing the program.



#GivingTuesday: Finding Safety in Campus CareDownload (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

A child who came into our care in Dothan found safety and love in her new home. 



#GivingTuesday: Campus Care Feature, JessicaDownload (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Jessica, a former Campus Care Resident, shares her experience with ABCH and her future as a Social Worker.



Lifeguards of People | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Jimmie and Martha Harris have been House Parents for over 36 years. This story follows their journey and one of the many lives they've impacted over the years.


#GivingTuesday: House Parents Story, the Smith'sDownload (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Bobby and Tiffany Smith share about some of the every day experiences and joys they have while serving as House Parents.


#GivingTuesday Intro | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Watch to learn more about the global day of giving on November 27. Join us as we help children and families a place to call home.

Rewritten: The Bussies (Full Version) | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Three sisters' lives were rewritten through the love of Christ, as He led their paths from California, to the home of Ted and Jennifer Bussie in Mobile, Alabama.

Rewritten: The Bussies (Short Version) | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Join Us: An ABCH Overview | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Michaela's Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

When Michaela Sanderson Guthrie was 11 years old, a social services caseworker gave her an unimaginable choice—go to live with a family member or enter foster care . . . the decision made from this question impacted Michaela and her sister Danielle in a wonderful way. This is Michaela's story of her time before ABCH, during, and after ABCH. We are honored to be a part of her life and story.

A Simple Idea | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Helping children in need is something God asks all of us to do. Help children in your church or home understand how easy this can be with the help of this short video.


Broken to Beautiful: Redeemed | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

For Allison, a young lady formerly in our care, some of the “whys” of her past hurts are answered as she shares her story and leads a little girl who has walked a path much like hers, to the Lord. 

Our Stories: Compilation Video | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

This video is a brief summary of the stories of just three people who lived in one of our homes, and how their lives were changed in the process. God has done some amazing things in many more lives just like these, and we are so excited to share with you in this ministry. This video is perfect  to show to your church to demonstrate how valuable this work is. Check it out!

This Little Light: Ron Carroll's Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Meet Ron Carroll! A former resident of our Troy campus in the 50's and 60's, Ron's life was wonderfully changed during his time in our care. In this video, he reflects on the redemption in his life and how his experience shaped him and his family!

This Little Light: The McCrimons' Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Meet the McCrimons! This family has welcomed three boys into their existing family through foster care, and with the help of Pathways Professional Counseling, they are able to give them stability, love, and safety. And, best of all, these boys are now all officially adopted into this amazing forever family!

This Little Light: The Hammacs' Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Meet the Hammacs! Clay and Laura and their children have welcomed numerous foster children into their home over the last several years, after the Lord used a tragedy to show them the great need for this kind of ministry. Since then, they have aimed to glorify Him by providing a safe place for vulnerable kids to call home, for as long as each child is entrusted to them. After all, God not only gives us the way to eternal safety by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but He is glad to be our Father!

This Little Light: Valencia's Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Meet Valencia! Having first been in foster care with us as a child and then later coming through our Family Care program as a mom, she has a unique perspective walking alongside the mothers and children who come into our care. And the impact she is having on them will be of an eternal nature! We are so thankful for Valencia, and we hope you will be encouraged by her story.

This Little Light: Twon's Story |  Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

This is the third video of our 125th anniversary year's "This Little Light" series. This video features a young man who grew up in a home on one of our campuses from the age of nine. He came from dangerous circumstances to one of our homes, where he met Jesus. Now, that same young man is taking the light given to him, and sharing it in one of the most strategic cities in the world: New York City.

This Little Light: Allison's Story Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

From our "This Little Light" series celebrating our 125th anniversary, here is a prime example of why we do what we do. Allison came into care with us from an extremely unhealthy situation, and wrestled with God as she learned what it meant to be loved during her time with ABCH. This is a great video to share with your church to show how our ministry is used by God to change lives.

This Little Light: Dana's Story | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

We love getting the chance to show the tangible difference being made by our house parents. The video below is a true story, about a young man who came into our care and found a chance for a stable life. Now, that young man is our Regional VP of South Alabama! Every day he has the opportunity to take the "little light" that was shared with him, and pass it onto children with similar backgrounds.

ABCH Overview | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

If you are trying to introduce your church or friends to Alabama Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries, this is a fantastic way to do it in under three minutes. Take a moment to check out the video below. 

The Walter Show | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

We made The Walter Show to help parents and churches talk to kids about foster care. Click here for more information on this special video.

ABCH Foster Care Difference | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Meet the Davenports! This video helps explain a little more about how we uniquely work with our foster families to help them thrive in their ministry to children. Click here for more information on our foster care ministry.

Camp of Champions 2015 Recap | Download (See "Instructions for Downloading" listed above)

Camp of Champions is one of our favorite events of the year! This is an amazing time, and the one chance each year for ALL of our staff and families to be together in one place. It gives our foster parents and house parents some much needed time together, along with top-of-the-line training. And for the kids in our care, Camp is a time for them to just be kids! Last year was our biggest Camp ever! Check out the video below for a recap.



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