ABCH Prayer Guide

This year, as many churches prepare to support our Annual Offering, we invite you to participate in a week of prayer for ABCH through a new Prayer Guide resource!

The official Day of Prayer for ABCH is always on Mother’s Day, which, this year, is on May 13. Many churches also choose to receive an offering for us either on Mother’s Day or on Father’s Day.

Our Prayer Guide includes 14 short stories and ways to pray for children and families in our care. These are written by foster parents, house parents, social workers, College Care students, pastors, and volunteers!

Each writer represents 1 of our 7 different ministry locations, and each has included how to pray based off of their personal experiences.



What is inside the Prayer Guide?

Included in your Prayer Guide are:

  • 14 days of devotional thoughts with guided prayer requests
  • 7 days designed to lead up to Mother’s Day and 7 days to lead up to Father’s Day— however, these days are undated and could be enjoyed by you or your church at any time during the year!

How do I get one?

Simply click to download a digital copy below. Requests can no longer be made for printed versions at this time—but stay tuned!

Thank you for your support! 


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