Camp of Champions

At the beginning of each summer, we are blessed with an opportunity to have everyone in our ministry together from all over the state for a few memorable days of good ole camp fun. This includes all of our house and foster parents and all kids in our care, our staff and church ambassadors, and some amazing volunteers!


Camp of Champions is an event unique to our ministry at Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries (ABCH). The time is special for the kids in our care, refreshing for the parents, and it’s an enormous blessing for our staff. Our host each year is Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega, and the setting is perfect for a few, fun days together. This year was a huge success, and once again, it was our largest camp ever with 833 attendees!




For many of the children in our care, Camp is a time that they can “just be kids.”  They may come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, or heartache, but when they get to play, swim, laugh, sing—and of course, eat snacks!—together, it creates a positive experience that they can enjoy in the moment, and a fun memory that they won’t soon forget. In addition, our house and foster parents get to have some time with one another, to identify with other parents who share many of the same joys and struggles.


Beyond the intangibles that Camp offers, we also provide top-notch training for the parents in our ministry to help them feel best equipped to handle foster care situations they may face in their homes. This year, we welcomed to camp guest speaker Dr. Amanda Howard from the Psychology department at Samford University. Dr. Howard has conducted extensive research on the interpersonal processes underlying mental health and quality of life for youth in the child welfare system. We were delighted to have her lead sessions with our parents on how to implement professional practices at home. 


And of course, kids aren’t the only ones who need some time at the lake! So in addition to training, parents also had time to kick back and relax, or enjoy all the water activities there at Shocco Springs.

We had a blast at Camp of Champions 2017, and we’re looking forward to next year! Next summer will be here before we know it, so go ahead and mark down June 8–10, 2018 on your calendar!

Don't miss this brief recap video highlighting the Camp of Champions experience!

2016 Camp of Champions from AL Baptist Children's Homes on Vimeo.