Who is a Social Worker?

March is recognized as National Social Work Month. Here at ABCH, we love this opportunity to show our appreciation for our social work team during this month for all that they do. To start out the month, we’d like to share with you a post from our President/CEO, Rod Marshall, as he shares his thoughts of who a social worker really is.


There are many misconceptions about what a social worker really does. At ABCH, I view our social workers not so much for what they do, but more for who they are. Our social workers are highly competent, well-trained, deeply committed, and strongly called professionals who labor very long and inconvenient hours to serve children and families that most people don’t even notice.

Our social workers are highly competent. They pay attention to detail. They see the big picture. They buffer our foster families from a “system” that can be overwhelming.

Our social workers are well-trained. All of our social workers are college graduates. Most have graduate degrees. Many have been assisted in pursuing their graduate degrees by our ministry. Our social workers pursue excellent continued education chosen for its relevance, not for its convenience.

Our social workers are deeply committed. There are many professional avenues that professional social workers can take. There are medical social workers, geriatric social workers, school social workers, state employed social workers, and the list could go on and on. Our social workers have many options (many of which offer higher pay and in some cases, perhaps an easier job), but they are committed to serving the families we care for.

Our social workers are strongly called. God has placed a calling upon the lives of the social workers we employ. They are not here because they have no other options; they serve here because they feel called to serve here. 

They work long hours, oftentimes with little overtly expressed appreciation. They touch the lives of hundreds of children from hard places every year. God is using them to make a significant difference in the lives of children who need nothing more than to be introduced to the Author of Hope who can turn their tears and mourning into laughter and dancing. I very much appreciate our social workers. It is an honor and privilege to serve alongside them.


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