Common Questions

These are some of the questions we get most frequently.

Where do the children live? Depending on their age, children may live in a campus care home or with a foster family. These are close to one of our five regional offices in Birmingham, Decatur, Dothan, Mobile and Oxford.

How much does this cost? Providing homes for children is our budget’s greatest expense. Donations from churches, individuals and businesses help to cover this cost.

Does a child or his or her relatives have to be Christians or Baptists? A child does not have to be a certain religion, gender or race for us to care for him or her. We can also accept children from birth to age 18. We can accept children with special needs that are within our scope of care.

What are some examples of needs NOT within your scope of care? We cannot accept children who need therapeutic care. We also can't accept children who are adjudicated delinquent.

What services do children receive?

  • Medical Care (when needed)
  • Food and Clothing
  • School Needs (including tutoring and supplies)
  • Participation in School, Church, and Community Activities
  • Church Attendance and Daily Devotions
  • Transportation
  • Counseling with our Pathways Professional Counselors (when needed)

Where do the children come from? They come from homes across Alabama.

Who has custody of the children? The parent(s) or guardian(s) retains custody of the children. In some cases, such as private placements, the children are brought to us directly from the legal guardian without any state intervention. This happens for a variety of reasons. In other cases, Alabama's Department of Human Resources (DHR) has become the primary care giver for a child in our care. The hope from the state and from ABCH is that we can serve the children in our care while the biological parents work to regain custodial rights to their children.


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