Homes for Children | We are committed to providing incredible homes that protect, nurture, and restore children coming from difficult circumstances.

Although we have grown and expanded over the years, providing homes for children is the flagship ministry of our organization. We have three types of homes for the children who come into our care:

In our Campus Care homes, school-age children may live with 6–8 other children in a large home with house parents who care for them. We have Campus Care homes in three locations statewide: Decatur, Dothan, and Mobile.

Our Shelter Care homes are temporary Campus Care homes for children whose families are in crisis. Children live here while their families, social workers, and courts decide on a permanent plan that would best meet the child’s needs. We have Shelter Care homes on the Decatur and Oxford campuses.

In our foster homes, children live in a foster family’s own home. We have foster families statewide, all of whom live at most, within a one-hour drive from one of our regional offices. This is for children from birth to age 18.

Children come to us one of two ways:

1. The Alabama Department of Human Resources and the court decide it would be in a child's best interest to be placed with us. 

2. Through a process called Private Placement where the child's parent or guardian decides to place the child with us for a time. Visit our Private Placement page for more information.