2013 Fall Church Events

We recently called for churches to let us know about upcoming events they were planning for families. Below are the submissions that we received. We invite you to take your family out for a night of fun and fellowship! (NOTE: If you see any errors or problems with the listing below, please e-mail

Christmas Open House

Every year in December we hold Christmas Open House events at all of our group homes and campuses. This is the one time of year that we invite our friends all over the state to visit our group homes and see just what our ministry is all about. The dates for this year's Christmas Open House events are listed below. If you have any questions about the event, or simply for more information, please feel free to call the contact number provided. more...

CAPS Conference

"You just don't understand me!" A very angry, sullen wife sat in my office lamenting about her husband. You could see the hurt and years of baggage she was carrying were weighing heavily upon her. "You always assume the worst in me" her fed up husband replied with very little desire to talk further. It was easy for me as their therapist to see he was shut down and she was defensive. These two individuals sat in my office and as a therapist I was not sure I could help them move past this point. It was obvious that years of hurt and life experiences were crowding out any attempt at marriage counseling actually working.more...

EVENT: FamilyBlast 2013

Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries is planning a family event and we wanted to make sure and invite your church! The event is called FamilyBlast and it is taking place on Saturday, July 27th at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham.more...